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Do you know what your divine soul mission is?

Are you living to your full potential?

Do you feel the pain of loved ones and people around more than they do themselves?

Were you born empathic and after interacting with many people do you often feel drained, exhausted, and overwhelmed?

During this time of the Age of Aquarius and the birth of the New Earth, we must share our special gifts with the world.

I, Beverly L Nickerson, Spiritual Life Coach, Sacred Sensitive Shaman, and Founder of Earthlight Promotions, can help uncover and illuminate your special soul mission and to overcome the FEAR, or False Evidence Appearing Real to uncover your WHY and channel the energy to take daily action steps to make it happen!

In my 23+ years of studying and practicing holistic, natural medicine and studying eclectic spiritual practices, I have employed practices from:

Dance Therapy/Ecstatic Dance
Childhood Wounds Clearing
Food Plant-Based Superfood
Grounding Techniques, Feet in Soil
I Am Consciousness
Jumping for Joy!

Private Healings:

Just to name a few of the proven techniques I have used over the years that can clear the pathway for you to experience a fearless life filled with moments of bliss, meaning, adventure, excitement, and peace.

"I was very grateful to receive a very meaningful and enriching Ocean Oracle shell reading from Beverly L. Nickerson, Sacred Sensitive Shaman, Spiritual Coach. It was empowering and confirming and she guided through using this uplifting divination tool of beautiful seashells a uniquely inspirational and healing experience."
-- Sandra B Vienna VA

"I had the best shell reading by Beverly Nickerson it was right on! I’ve never experienced a shell reading before but every shell spoke to me and it was exactly what I needed to hear, it was awesome!" -- Laina

"Thank you very much for the Ocean Oracle reading!! It was a wonderful experience. I found everything you told me to be enlightening. Every shell that we reviewed uncovered relevant and valuable truths. You have an uncanny ability to see all of the relationships between these jewels of the sea that I selected and how they relate to me in terms of my lifelong journey. And, from this reading, you are helping me create a toolkit for coping with everyday issues in order to lead a more fulfilled, ever-present life.!" --Love, LN G


If you would like a complimentary 1-hour session for us to get to know each other better and share your spiritual goals, please call or email me today:

703-401-9663 / earthlightpromotions@gmail.com

Energy Exchange

$80.00 per hour min 5 session packages $360 with 10% off discount
10 Sessions $720.00
$100 for 1 Hour Session

Ocean Oracle Readings 1 Hour On Zoom

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